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Pontiac Classic Cars for Sale

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The next step in Pontiac's resurgence came in the form of its first convertible in nine years. Unless customers checked an option, the Tempest's power-plant was a The front track was now widened to the rear track at 64". You can also find Pontiacs on best muscle cars and most ticketed cars.

Cars Vintage pontiac

With the model year, Pontiac came out with its "Arrowhead" emblem, with the star design in the middle. Only cats cylinder engines were offered in VVintagedisplacing The Ram Air V garnered much auto press publicity, but only a relative few were made available for sale. While new car buyers could buy a Cadillac for that price, the Bonneville raised new interest in what Pontiac now called "America's No. All Federal emissions and safety regulations were required to be in full effect for causing the demise of two of the three iterations of the big cubic inch engines after this year.

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All ponriac now featured Ball joint front suspension replacing the previous king pin pontisc. It was offered through the model year. James Garner was given a new model each year, which was resprayed and painted. Although GM officially ended factory support for all racing activities across all of its brands in JanuaryPontiac continued to cater to performance car enthusiasts by making larger engines with more power available across all model lines.

Both continued Knudsen's work of making Pontiac a performance-car brand. It was named after the famous Ottawa chief who had also given his name to the city of Pontiac, Michigan where the car was produced. The Csrsbased on the Chevrolet Vega and Monza's equivalent, joined the line. A special note here is that Oldsmobile used this same transmission and called it Jetaway HydraMatic and Cadillac also used this transmission and Cadillac called it or P Hydramatic. It was first offered as a Notchback, with a Hatchback body style added in An all new Firebird was introduced in The new "Wide-Track" Pontiacs not only had improved styling, but also handled better—a bonus that tied into Pontiac's resurgence in the marketplace.

It was the first popular-priced, mass-produced engine in America utilizing an overhead-camshaft configuration.

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