First time foot fetish story

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First Time Feet Experience

She then put her other profile on the runaway of my boyfriend parent it between her big toe and amusing toe. Her presumptive hangout hair cut halfway down her back and never written makeup to help perfect. I've found myself fantastic at things feet in great during school quite a lot.

They kept bugging me all night. Then i got a text asking to come to my sisters room i opened the door and the 3 of them grabed me they were all wearing knee socks with boots. They held me down and made me smell their boots and socks one by one they turned their socks inside out and shoved them in my mouth. Then they used their socks to tie my hands and feet. They all at once made me smell their stinky feet it was a hot summer night and ganged up on me making me lick their soles suck their toes and heels. They noticed i got hard and kept me tied up with their knee socks. One by one they were shoving their feet in my mouth making me suck their feet soles heels and toes while they took turns forcing footjobs on First time foot fetish story they held me captive for hours only letting me smell and lick their feet while they gave me footjobs.

I did as I was told immediately. I already had precum dripping off my rock hard cock. She seemed fairly impressed with my 7 inch dick. She then instructed me to get on my knees and take off her sandals. I dropped to the floor and took her sandals off one by one. After I took her right sandal off, I held her foot in my hands and couldn't resist. I put her big toe in my mouth and started to suck on her toe. She shoved me off and smacked me right across the face followed by another drip of precum. I found her hitting me so hot. I loved the feel of being dominated by a sexy girl that you would never expect this out of.

She led me to her living room where she sat down on her couch. I stayed on my hands and knees with her feet right in front of me. She picked her left foot up and told me to start licking her feet clean. The smell of her feet after walking all day was to die for. It turned me on even more. But the taste of them was even better. I could do it for hours. I stopped immediately and turned bright red. I screamed "what the hell are you doing??? I'll never show anyone if you do exactly as I say. I didn't want to stop even though I knew I was now on camera and she had every power to expose me to the rest of the school and town. It made me even hornier to be honest.

She then picked up her right foot and do the same. I licked her soles and sucked her toes for another few minutes and eventually worked on both feet at the same time. I started licking in between her toes to taste every part of her feet. I've never been harder in my life. She must have noticed since she told me to stop and lay down. I did what I was told to do and then felt her cute little foot on my balls.

She put slight pressure down and I swear I almost came already. She then put her other foot on the shaft of my dick putting it between her big toe and second toe. She slowly moved up and down while still putting pressure on my balls. It felt better than sex or head. She then wrapped both her feet around my cock and began to go up and down going faster and faster with each stroke. I felt my cum building up and told her I was going to cum. She then told me I better not and gave me a light kick in the balls. It hurt but in such a kinky way. She let me cool off a bit while she took off her jeans and shirt. She had a black lace thong on and a matching bra. After I had licked each toe, I had turned my gaze upwards meeting her eyes, so that I could watch her face when I sucked them.

I was not disappointed. Christine's mouth hung very slightly open, the pink tip of her talented tongue sticking out between her teeth. Her fingers bringing her Marlboro to smoke every once in a while. Mostly she watched me.

Moving foto from her toes, I let my lips roamed over the top of Christine's foot, pausing at the ankle to uncross her legs, holding one of her feet in each of my hands. I kissed each tmie, then ran fetisg tongue up her shin and calf a short way, then reverted to kissing. Moving my kisses up her calves, Firet her thighs, I could smell her. A lovely scent, a sweet musk, coming from Firsf loins. I kissed between her foto, moving my nose against her clit through the denim of her short shorts. This was when she flicked her Cigarette away, then closed her legs by moving one over my head, and stood.

Slightly dejected, I fetush, stared into her eyes and said earnestly, "You turn me on more than atory woman I have ever met. Tims only had to look the crotch of my jeans, to see that. It bulged with the pressure of my hard on, and a tiny wet spot showed where my pre cum had soaked through. A gentle kiss and a smile on her face, she walked back inside. When we came back in, its time for lights out and a movie. What type of movie I will not discuss, suffice to say that her friend had never seen one, and Christine loved to watch them for the positions. Anyway, we resumed our places, but Christine had decided to pull back her left foot and keep only her right on my thigh.

With no excuse to suck on her toes anymore, and her friend sitting within viewing distance, I was going to be content to massage her feet like always, but she beat me to the punch, or should I say kick? As soon as the lights were out, I felt her foot shift, her toes spread, and then closed them, and presto! She had moved her foot about 3 inches up my thigh. Once again, I couldn't believe I didn't cum right then, but somehow I didn't. She didn't move that foot again for about two minuets, and it took her another 2 to finally touch the head of my dick.

For any of you that haven't had this pleasure, it is simply infuckingcredable. The weight of Christine's toes on my shaft was almost more than I could bear. My underwear was already soaked in my precum, but when her foot pressed my penis against my thigh, a long string of it flowed from me, not an ejaculation, but it soaked completely though my jeans now. Her foot sat there for what seemed like ages. I was in total agony.

I couldn't get myself to say no. She must have endured since she knew me to send and lay down.

I could either stare at her clueless friend, stare at the sex scenes on the TV, look at the side of Christine's face, or stare down at her beatuiful toes, painted freshly purple, BY ME, resting inactively on my cock. I was staring off in space trying to absorb every moment of this paradise, and then I was jolted, like a battery had been attatched to my balls, and I realized, she had just stroked my cock with her foot. I pulled my hips back and let out a very little moan, which drew both of their attention. Her friend just stared, but Christine shot me a smile, and flicked her toes again. This time, I controled the moan, but not the involentary thrust that came with it.

Turning her attention back to the TV, Christine slowly moved her toes up my shaft, then down again, my hips thrusting slightly at each stroke. I was in the most intense sexual fever of my young life, desperately afraid I would cum. I knew it would be big, and extremely powerful. Powerful enough to cry out, powerful enough to make me shudder uncontrollably. As scared as I was, I concentrated on the sensation, feeling the electricity of the first unexpected moments fade.

Time fetish First story foot

tije I regained control of myself, like I always had. I wouldn't cum, not yet. In fact I couldn't, I was too turned on. I know that may sound strange, but it's the only way to explain it. There was so much fetsh in my boxers, that I didn't know if I had anymore to ejaculate. I was still hard as stone, and in agonizing pleasure, but I knew my orgasm was no where in sight. The highly erotic tingle lived at the base of my penis, giving me pleasure so intense it seemed painful. Just stopped, and I gasped slightly again, drawing no notice from the friend, but a glance from Christine.

The lack of stimulation was almost as intense as the presence of it. I was left grinding my hips unconsciously against the sole of her foot. For what seemed like hours, I kept my eyes away from my lap, trying to keep cool, preventing Christine's friend from glancing over and seeing me staring at her foot caressing my hard on. But the weight of her toes on the throbbing head of my cock, the memory of the smell of her pussy, left me in indescribable pleasure.

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