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Being Christian

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He was the Archbishop of Canterbury for 10 years before retiring 3 years ago. He is still fairly young 64 and he is still publishing a ton.

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So I keep meaning to read some of his books. This one I picked up free with some promotional credit from Audible. Being Christian was originally Christiam series of Holy Week lectures that was adapted into a short book. The focus is on four pretty much universal practices among Christians, regardless of theological stream or denomination. But Williams both stayed true to the essence of the practices and brought unique presentation to them so the book did not feel stale.

Clubs book for adults Christian audio

Foe chapter on prayer seems to be the one that is most mentioned in other reviews that I read. As with Chriatian other books I have read this year, Williams spent some time talking about three of the early church fathers and how they thought about prayer. Modern Evangelicals seem to be praise focused spontaneous prayer times and more liturgically focused Christians can tend to talk about the form or beauty of prayer. But Williams encourages us to think more about prayer as our center contact with God and as such it should be frequent and brief.

Because of his look at prayer historically he aduls not get wrapped up with any tension between written or spontaneous prayer. With both the baptism and eucharist chapters, the focus was on being a part of the universal body of Christ, the joining in the body with Baptism and the on going membership in the body with Eucharist. The bible chapter is about hearing from God. Audacious by Beth Moore: A practical and very helpful look at the current refugee crisis, from World Relief workers.

Mudhouse Sabbath by Lauren Winner: Lauren Winner looks at what she, as a Christian, has learned from Judaism. Unashamed by Lecrae Moore: Hip-hop artist Lecrae tells his story. I love this book. Classic Christian bestseller, with a short devotional reading for each day. Learning to Love Again by Rich Perez: NYC pastor Rich Perez takes a look at our call to love our neighbors right where we are.

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