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Foreskin 101: How to deal with your baby boy's business

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Forcing the foreskin back before the natural separation of the foreskin from the glans has happened causes tearing of the connective tissue.

Of penis babies Care uncircumsiced

This is painful and can lead to problems: The white lump smegma is made uncircummsiced of the cells that babbies attached the ubcircumsiced to the head of the penis. As new cells form on the head of the penis and the foreskin's inside fold, old cells form pockets that eventually work their way to the tip of the foreskin, where they can eventually be wiped away. So if you see a white lump smegma under the foreskin you know that the separation from the head of the penis is occurring naturally. Why does my son's foreskin 'balloon' when he wees?

This is another indication that the natural separation of the foreskin from the head of the penis is occurring, but the opening of the foreskin is still narrow.

Ballooning can be normal but if it is severe so the flow of wee is restricted you should seek advice from your family doctor. Encouraging boys to gently try and pull back their foreskin as part of daily hygiene can help. Sometimes a course of steroid cream is needed. Your family doctor can advise you about this. What if my son's foreskin can't be pulled back phimosis? Phimosis refers to a foreskin that cannot be pulled back because its opening is too small to expand over the head of the penis. This is normal during infancy and childhood. Your family doctor can discuss this with you.

What causes my son's foreskin to be red balanitis? A mild soap can be helpful if there is a lot of smegma just be sure the soap is completely rinsed offthough if it causes irritation, water will usually suffice. Just how common are infections in the penis or foreskin? Dickinson sees a lot of babies and toddlers with red or inflamed skin on their penis or foreskin, usually from diaper irritation. In toilet-trained boys, infection can also be caused by a buildup of smegma trapped under foreskin that has yet to retract. The smegma attracts bacteria, and it all eventually ruptures like a pimpleoften solving the problem.

It has the added bonus of loosening the foreskin, helping it to retract. Infections usually clear up with topical ointment or oral antibiotics.

Cqre CPS says normal foreskin may not pull back until puberty. Something to watch for, though, is phimosis, which occurs ;enis neonate and teen boys when an overly tight foreskin prevents retraction. While this step can be suggested if the child is retractable before puberty, it should not be forced, as it still might cause him discomfort to pull back his foreskin. Bubble Baths Can my intact son ever take a bubble bath?

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Bubble baths are a staple of childhood! The reality is, some people's genitals male and female are incredibly sensitive to soaps in their bath water. Some little girls cannot sit in a bubble bath without getting an UTI. Some boys can't either. Some little girls and boys may get a little irritated or burning, but recover easily. And, some little girls and boys can take a bubble bath and experience no issues from it. The only way to really know is to try it and pay attention to how your son's body reacts.

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