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Investigators don't believe drugs or alcohol are factors in ewst crash. Investigators believe speed and driver inexperience were factors in a reen crash. They discovered a gray Chevrolet Impala at the home that had recent damage on the front end of the vehicle. In some cases, there are psychological or traumatic event-driven reasons behind the bad behavior, and the teen might not even have the ability to control it or understand why they feel the way they do.

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Dealing Pheblo the Causes of Misbehavior of Teenagers Changed behavior also happens when the factors behind the behavior are addressed. The sheriff's office thanked the public for its assistance in providing the valuable information that led to the arrest of the suspect in this case. One of the occupants was unresponsive on the ground near the truck. Pueblo County Sheriff's Office Kaitlin Golden, 29, is facing felony charges after failing to remain at the scene. Investigators don't believe drugs or alcohol are factors in the crash. Neither of the teens was wearing a seat belt.

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After a search warrant for Golden's home was executed on Saturday morning, detectives found that Golden's vehicle was linked to the accident. The other year-old occupant was taken to the hospital where he was treated for minor injuries, according to witnesses. Teens can get back on track academically and gain confidence in their abilities.

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