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Make her feel flawless. If you can fake a British accent, then go for it. Listen to her moans. Make your own decisions.

Instead thhen constantly asking her what she wants, pick new positions and use new moves. Maybe that means sucking on her nipples. Maybe that means playing with Fuuck ass. Maybe that means nibbling on her earlobe. Look her in the eyes. Then make a show out of looking at her body. Switch positions every few minutes, for the sake of her sanity. Use different combo moves. One minute, you can thrust while playing with her clit. This hurt a little, but she liked it and when he stopped and just started to suck them she was a little disappointed.

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However, she was not about to complain because her body was tingling all over and even though she wanted it up the tne she could feel her cunt vibrating in response to the stimulation. Mandy moaned, groaned and whimpered as he continued to work on her double Ds, but when he moved down to her hairy pussy, she took a deep breath and grabbed onto the bedcovers. It was almost too much to take. She wanted him to keep on licking it forever but her body began to shake violently, which caused the head board to crash against the wall like claps of thunder.

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Treating her a little rougher this time he dragged her towards him and quickly turned her over so that her ass was lined up with his throbbing knob, he then drove it straight between her chubby cheeks. She gave an almighty gasp but then relaxed her muscles allowing him to establish a steady rhythm. When Ricky could feel his goo moving up once more he increased the speed and his balls were crashing against her ass as he made those last forceful strokes. When it was rock hard he opened up her legs, rammed it into her hole and gave her the pussy pounding of her life.

thsn As his dick slipped into her naturally lubricated interior he completely forgot their age difference — it felt so good. It took a little extra time for him to cum but when he did it Mandy went berserk and he had to grab onto her arms and hold her down as he strained to make those last final thrusts. When she climbed into bed that night her husband Matt said that he had a little surprise for her. With a big sigh, she eventually capitulated and he stuck it up her ass.

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