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Male sexy Gymnast

Bhavsar was a member of the U. So, we congratulate them on being attractive basically. Getty More "I don't Gymnxst there is a rule about body hair," says McKeown. Then, a few days before heading off to the Olympics, they have one final fitting to make sure everything is perfect. It just, like, rips into their skin because they're so big. Getty More Mission accomplished, guys! They don't want to feel like they have anything on at all. Dan Keatings Keatings is a Scottish cutie who went to the Olympics.

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Still, she doesn't think the guys would ever opt to compete shirtless at an event like the Olympics. Kristof Schroe Schroe is an adorable Belgian gymnast aiming for Rio. Each guy usually gets two fittings for his Olympic uniforms. So very, very hot.

Sesy fans certainly wouldn't object, right? Most of these guys are American but there are some hotties from all over the world. Getty More "The polyspandex the guys like is very lightweight," says McKeown. Also, if you had a hairy chest, you would see it through the fabric and that would make the uniform not look as good.

Typically, they're just wearing a pair of competition shorts and that's it," says McKeown like it's no big deal. First, McKeown takes the guys' measurements, usually after a competition or during a break at the gym. The guys on Team USA refuse to wear anything sparkly or metallic.

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