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The width of cost becomes a broader problem when you don't have won coverage or are underinsured. Favored the past three groups, pharmaceutical companies and women have phased out this young of program for your meters and strips in dating of savings toiles for the commercially scientific, methods Sisson.

Assistance Programs Patient assistance programs, either through strip manufacturers or other organizations, are traditionally for people who have limited or no insurance coverage and a proven financial need based on annual income.

Some programs restrict membership freesryle those with commercial insurance. Similar to the way a co-pay equalization program works, these pharmacy benefits let you buy store-brand strips at the lowest co-pay tier price, even if your insurance plan doesn't list the store brand in the formulary. Lancets Glucose tablets As you scan your diabetes supply checklist and prepare for another trip to the pharmacy, you may wonder whether you could save some cash. For instance, CVS's ExtraCare Advantage for Diabetes program allows you to earn 4 percent back on diabetes products, including test strips.

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creestyle The store credit for these items is issued four times a year and can be redeemed online or at the coupon center in the store. The company is aiming the product at consumers who'd rather skip the co-pay and pay a smaller amount out of pocket. Retailers such as CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Target, and Walmart all offer their own brand meters and strips, sold at a fraction of the cost of brand-name products. Loyalty Cards Purchase all of your medications from a specific pharmacy, and you could rack up savings through the store's customer care program for necessities such as deodorant and toothpaste. The overall cost is low compared with the cost of diabetes-related complications.

Check with your health care provider or pharmacist about programs in your area. Or look for pharmacy-specific programs. Thankfully, there are money-saving options.

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Some store-brand strips are simply brand-name versions dressed in a store's label. Have a conversation frwestyle the affordability of test strips with your health care provider and determine together the number of tests and strips per day you'll need in order to keep your blood glucose steady. As for the issue of test strips for the entire diabetes population, Dall looks on the bright side:

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