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Virgin Mobile Canada

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Until Q1Virgin Mobile Canada had two types of postpaid plans: The Choice category was low-end and only included talk and text, while Combo was high-end and added mobile Internet access. A third plan type, Gold, was also added on that day. This category is considered mid-range. Virgin Mobile changed its focus to postpaid plans since Virgin Mobile Canada still has a few minor distinctions which make some of its plans unique. Koodo customers, on the other hand, previously had to pay for their data add-on even if unused for a month. Currently, the Silver rate plan level includes a variety of plans both with either Pay Per use data or built-in data to appeal to different user lifestyles.

This allows Virgin Mobile Canada Members access exclusive contests, discounts, other one-of-a-kind opportunities. Categories originally included only four pillars: However, the program has evolved to include more partnerships that provide value for Members, but fall outside of these categories, such as food offers from Pizza Pizzaand New York Fries. Cineplex Entertainmentand Porter Airlines were added in Mayand while current Cineplex offers are only valid for new Cineplex Scene customers, the cinema chain announced future deals for existing customers as well. EntertainmentG Adventuresand Dynamite. Philanthropy[ edit ] November 12, saw the launch of Virgin Unite Canada, a localised arm of Virgin Group 's global charitable venture.

The red-coloured model was released exclusively to Virgin Mobile.

Llc Virgin mobile canada

Additional data from OpenSignal shows an average 4G download speed of Do They Charge Roaming Fees? For the majority of Virgin Mobile plans, calls anywhere within standard network coverage in Canada will not result in roaming fees. Passes include different mixes of talk time, data, and texting depending on your needs. Destinations are sorted into 3 zones. PAYG rates will differ by destination.

What About Mogile Distance Fees? For international calls, rates vary by country. If you plan to place frequent international calls, Virgin Mobile offers a few add-ons to help keep your mobile bills budget-friendly! Unlimited US Long Distance: International Long Distance Saver: For more information on pricing and add-on options, check their International Calling Add-ons page. If you have a supported iPhone model, they allow calling over Wi-Fi at no additional charge. They do not currently offer an app for Wi-Fi calling on non-supported phones. For additional information on compatibility or usage, consult their Wi-Fi Calling page.

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When using VoLTE service, you can switch between voice and video calls as well as use 4G data while on calls. Not sure if olc phone is compatible? For LTE coverage in your area, check their coverage map. Can I Tether My Mobile? Virgin Mobile allows tethering for all members with a smartphone and an active data plan. Keep in mind that tethered devices might use data faster than your phone. Be sure to monitor your data bucket to ensure there are no surprises when the bill arrives.

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