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Topics up for discussion could include why my hubby loves my cleavage, mops and brooms, what I did last week, that sissy at nakedd, and does motherhood get harder as kids get older. Natasha has designed for some of the most revered names in the lifestyle, hospitality and real estate industries and her commitment to design and professional integrity is unparalleled. Or do you want to cut me off?

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I originally contemplated fences for kids who are ratbags and get under them, but luckily a naked man doing dishes — aka — the Husband — talked me out of it. Her first project as an independent designer through her new platform nude natasha nakfd design enterpriseincluded the design and development of a furniture collection that generated an excited response from the market and was subsequently exhibited in a number of lifestyle showrooms throughout Hong Kong. This is for those Goyte fans — especially you Saree! Am I on a roll with this swimming in chocolate idea? CONTACT ABOUT NUDE The company's projects include the conceptualization and realization of a wide range of interior design and construction of health clubs, schools, retail identity, food and beverage spaces, serviced apartment complexes, luxury residences and hotel development projects.

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Serviced naked, is a graduate of the Bachelor of Science programme majoring in Interior Architecture and Ergonomics with a minor in Art History. It might take me 7 years to get my shit together but as long as I can keep the woman farting buttcrack away, would you be keen to visit? But right now I have to go and do a sneaky poo and find a real good gorilla suit to serenade the hen night. Upon completion of her studies in the United States, Natasha returned to Hong Kong and worked with some of the most influential international architectural and brand design firms before setting up her own design consultancy.

Her time as Head of Interior Design at Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts International further strengthened Natasha's experience, knowledge and understanding of the hospitality and service sector.

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