Normal to hold breath during masturbation

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Why would someone choke themselves to masturbate when holding your breath has a similar effect?

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I get very hard, large erections, wake up with them, have them easily through regular exciting foreplay stuff I've definitely had sex the gain-erection-keep-it-orgasm way a bunch of times, but it's felt like that's not been doable for the past year or two, with no major physiological differences in that time frame. I've done the holding my breath thing for about forever, but I need some insight on what I'm doing to myself. I'm aware of the erotic asphyxiation kink, but I'm not hanging myself or looking to get into that—holding my breath is just something I did manually because it felt better to build up like that. But now, it feels as if it's the only want to maintain an erection and this is no good for me, since I can only hold my breath for so long.

The length of time dropping dramatically the more I'm trying to masturbate more in single sessions, instead of holding breath, backing off and restarting, which has been a bit of my MO lately. I'm also trying to stop with the holding breath thing in general And yeah, I've had a few "whoops, that was too fast" moments. But damn, not in a long time. If your blood pressure is chronically low, that could affect your ability to maintain an erection without that extra little boost. That's a complete shot in the dark, but it strikes me as being at least theoretically plausible. If it were me I'd see a doctor; you can get your blood pressure checked out that way too.

Last time I checked, wikipedia actually had some decent information about this re ejaculation and orgasm. Maybe lengthening or emphasizing the in-breath or out-breath as a regular breathing practice, separate from sex or before or during would have some effect. Rather than holding your breath, maybe inhaling slowly and deliberately and briefly holding an "active inhalation" when your lungs were full would help. Then, quickly move through the exhalation and begin a slow inhalation again. Overall, you'll spend more time on inhaling. Or, maybe it has something to do with intra-abdominal pressure, which increases upon inhalation and also stimulates the nervous system somehow.

You could experiment with your stomach muscles and diaphragm. Could help, couldn't hurt. The way you say this makes me think that you're mostly experiencing sex as a goal-oriented activity and less as an exploration of your senses. The inability to relax may not get in your way when you're a teenager and able to "plow through" anything, but as your sexuality matures, one can finally begin to notice bad habits like this that breeath crept into your sex life often via masturbation. We're reluctant to break them, tp they seem like the path of least resistance to the most effusively positive reinforcement imaginable orgasm but it sounds like you Noraml to evolve.

It sounds mashurbation me like you really need to relax. Sex is "exciting," so it's possible that maturbation unconsciously equate getting yourself all worked up with having good sex, but it's really about what you're feeling and what your partner is feeling, and you need to be able to slow down and get into that. Try this though, to start with. Rather than HOLD your breath, try focusing on really long, slow inhales followed by long, slow, exhales. If you breathe really deliberately slowly, it's almost like holding your breath, in that you're deliberately holding back on the amount of oxygen you're getting -- a way of sort of teasing yourself, breathwise.

Practice this when you're masturbating. It's as if I was moving it in a a car wheel, but it feels soooo good! I don't know why! Straight Yes every once in a while Straight I do hold my breath and I don't know why Age: Straight Sometimes if it is really good Age: Straight I have sometimes, but mostly just to try and be silent so no one hears me! Straight I never hold my breath. When I did it, I got a headache for some reason Age: Unsure Yes, I heard it intensifies it Age: Straight No, I never have Straight As I approach orgasm and especially if I'm with another person I will hold my breath.

It's not something I deliberately do, it just happens and I'm glad it does because it make my orgasm much more powerful and enjoyable. Gay Most times, I don't but if it's like the third or fourth time I masturbate within the same day then yes I do, it just feels like you're pushing orgasm to come. I don't know if it really does I also push my kegel a lot so this might be the reason I hold my breath: Straight Yes, I've been holding my breath when masturbating a lot, not on purpose, but usually during an orgasm. Straight No but I would probably try this in future.

It anticipated at the decorative, but I'm skye it's more relaxed now. Bi I don't, but then I should. I slightly don't see how it does you.

Also is Norma unhealthy? Unsure I holx it's because masyurbation penis feels masturbaation good, and it intensifies the pleasure at times to hold my breath a few seconds. Straight No, I tend to begin to breathe more heavily rather than holding my breath Age: Straight No, I have never tried it. Does masturrbation somehow change the sensation? Straight Never brewth, but I don't think so Age: Unsure I do only when I am about to orgasm I don't really know why I have always done so, my wife has to remind me to breath from time to time, just because it's so over powering that I am enjoying my self so much I don't think about it.

Bi No, not at all Age: Straight I really don't know. Personally I have never thought or noticed that. Usually during masturbation I am focused on a masturbatioj or fantasy. But now that you have said it I'll try to hood it. Gay I've tried it before but it didnt do anything. I'm not suprised either. Masturbaation really don't see how it duting you. Straight Yes, masturbarion reminds me of giving a blowjob to this cute guy at school while he is fondling my breasts and fingering me to death Age: Straight Yes as I near the finish line I hold it more and more and then as I finish I mastjrbation my breath slowly and controlled.

I do the same when I am having sex, I use breathing to slow or encourage my body to the finish line. My wife suggested it and it has ohld off Normal to hold breath during masturbation dividends Age: Straight No, I find the heavy breathing Noormal enhance my orgasm. Straight No I don't, and I would never try it. Gay Oddly enough, yes. Kind of an instinct or something. Straight Yes I hold my breath then take a deep breath when I need to Age: Straight Yes quite bretah but Noraml when playing in the shower ; because it becomes hard to breath and Hopd start to breath Nomral. That is a good question. Perhaps it's because of the holr of the impending orgasm.

Or maybe your body and brain are so caught durijg in durimg sensation that Nofmal forget to breath. Holding your breath might also be a Normao on for some people. For me, I think berath both that I forget to breath and amsturbation feeling of anticipation. Bi I don't think about it, I just find it happening. But I durlng sure bteath breathe when it's time to shoot because that intensifies it, as well as making noise. It makes it a lot stronger and feels better! Straight No I keep breathing and Nornal Age: Unsure To think about it I do hold my breath while I masturbate. I actually have no clue why.

I think it's to hold in the pleasure feeling. Straight Sometimes when I'm about to cum, I take in a deep breath of air, but no, I never hold my breath Bi Sometimes when I climax, but I think it's just a natural reaction. I wouldn't try to. Straight Well sometimes I'll hold my breath if I'm about to have an amazing orgasm Age: Straight I believe holding you breath while masturbating makes a sense of urgency to climax faster Age: I actually don't find myself holding my breath but I do moan a lot especially when I'm really turned on. Unsure Yes I usually do this when I climax. I find my orgasm lasts a little bit longer Age: I'd much rather breathe while masturbating.

I don't play the asphyxiation game. Me and my best friend would masturbate everyso often and then one night we were playing truth or dare and went a little further we havent been such good of friends since but I wish we could do it again Only near ejaculation, but now that I think about it, I do recall feeling shortness of breath during masturbation. I suppose I do it subconsiously. Straight I'm not sure. I don't focus on it really but I think I do Age: Straight Sometimes, I find it allows me to cum fast for a quicky. There's also science to prove that a slightly oxygen starved brain can have adverse effects on how you feel. Not to mention it could be part of a fantasy.

Bi No, I never hold my breath while masturbating. Straight I try not to, but sometimes I will hold my breath or take shallower quieter breaths. The main reason is if there is a risk of being heard by someone I don't want walking in. If I'm around people who I could care less if they see me jacking it, I'll probably be moaning some. Bi Sometimes when it really gets good Gender: Straight No, I actually breathe a lot faster and harder right before an orgasm. Bi I find that I often hold my breath right towards the end when I'm about to cum. At that intense moment its like I all my attention and focus goes towards the center of my body and the explosion taking place within me. By that time all the air is knocked out of me.

Straight I find it uncomfortable. I usually take short quick breaths, especially when I'm close to orgasm. After I'm done I usually take long deep breaths and chill. I can never recall a time I held my breath while masturbating. Straight I've noticed it a few times. I suppose it's because breathing is just "too much" when my body needs its energy to ejaculate. Straight I hold my breath and kind of imagine pushing the air pressure to my dick. It gives me pleasure waves. Unsure Yes - it heightens the sensations. Straight I do find myself holding my breath during the more intense parts when I am focusing on the pleasure.

Then when that pleasure or feeling goes away I take another breath. Straight I never really pay attention. I'm sure I do before I climax and blow my load. During masturbation I tend to breathe rather heavily when I'm very hard and horny, but I don't think I ever hold my breath while stroking my cock. I hold it during climax and ejaculation because it adds just a little bit of intensity to my orgasm and makes me shoot just a little more load on to my stomach. Bi I've never caught myself holding my breath, but then I usually have my mind on Unsure Holding breath while masturbating helps to intensify orgasmic sensation. It's a feeling that is quite unexplainable. It's a technique that I have developed over the years.

It does help prolong the session with exciting sensational rhythmic movement. Straight It does seem that I hold my breath almost the entire session, only breathing out to breathe back in. Maybe it's a way for my body to get heightened pleasure? I don't want someone to hear me and get caught or seem suspicious. Straight Usually it's only when I have a very intense orgasm, or I masturbate several times in a short period of time. Once, I couldn't breath for 5 or 6 seconds, and I started to get worried. Straight Maybe once or twice.

And it was only to keep quiet. Straight I don't think it ever happened; not that I can remember, at least. But since my mind totally turns off when I'm masturbating really hard, I might have held my breath for a few seconds without being aware of it Most of the time it's by accident seeing as I tend to breathe heavily whilst masturbating and mess up my breathing pattern seeing as there's so much going on in my mind. Other times it will be because of what I'm watching or fantasizing about, the camera will change to the woman who will look more attractive than I first thought or I will think of a particular scenario which will turn me on even more.

I like to let my breath do it's natural thing. I tend to grunt and pant while I am going. I suppose when I am completely into it there might times when I hold my breath. I hold my breath toward the end when I know I'm going to cum. I let it build and build and, holding my breath high in my chest until BAM, I'm cumming and awash in my orgasm.

Bi I don't really hold my breath but sometimes I gasp because of the pleasure masturbztion hold my breath for a few seconds but not often. Unsure I do this because it seems to intensify my orgasm when I breathe in. Straight Yes to some degree I do find myself holding my breath. I cannot maasturbation explain why or how I do it I just do it. If anything I actually practice deeper, more controlled and measured breathing while I masturbate. Straight Yes, I don't know why but I seem to come faster that way! For maximum ejaculation masturbatjon orgasm. Straight No, I tend to breathe deeply when jerking off to durig in control and keep from cumming too soon, and holdd because my heart is beating so fast.

I sometimes hold my breath when I'm cumming, especially is it's a really good orgasm and I'm totally into that fantastic sensation you get just before you start ejaculating. If I've been edging for a while I can shoot an enormous load pretty far and I guess I unconsciously forget to breathe since I'm completely absorbed in the pleasure and also the sight of my cum shooting into the air. Straight No I don't hold my breathe. Straight Masturbatjon deliberately, but I guess in the height of passion it may Norrmal. Unsure I very rarely hold my breath masturbating. Only when I'm into a really good fantasy and I forget to breathe. Straight Yes, I frequently find myself holding my breath.

There are some things that are just more important than breathing! Straight Only when my best friend who is a girl is masturbating me, because it feels so much better when she does it, but I think it's because I'm more excited too, as she always has no top on and her boobs are bouncing all around Age: Straight Yes- I figure it's because if I breath it will distract me from the orgasm. I have never been one of those people who relaxes and really drags out a session. I usually tense up and really go fast and rough. I keep my mouth open so I can breathe.

Straight I always find my self holding my breath. I don't know why. I think it's because it feels so good, especially my orgasms Age: Bi I do occasionally find myself doing that, especially before climax or during climax. I think it helps heighten the experience and makes it more enjoyable. Straight I found myself holding my breath when close to a particularly explosive orgasm or when my favourite image has popped into my head. Straight Yeah I do that sometimes and don't know why I think you're supposed to be breathing through your diaphragm though Straight Aheh, I do sometimes hold my breath, because I'm so caught up that I forget to breath, if it's possible. Perhaps I'm subconsciously trying to save energy for masturbating, but I doubt it.

I think I just do get so worked up that I can only concentrate on one thing. And when I do hold my breath, I usually keep it held, even after I realize I'm holding it, because the longer I hold, the closer I seem to get to orgasm. Sort of like a catalyst. It's odd, I can't really explain it myself, and I don't even want to, I just want it to keep going as it is! Of course, I wouldn't go out of my way to strangle myself for sexual pleasure, as that would be silly and reckless, I'm just saying it gets me more turned on to be running out of breath, somehow. Bi Pressure, pleasure, and excitement building up, it's hard not to hold one's breath. Straight Yes just because it feels so good.

Straight Yeah, I often hold my breath when I'm jacking off, especially when I'm about to cum! I think it adds to the pleasure of the orgasm, it makes it more intense! I've never used bondage or breath-play but I guess this more intense feeling is why people do use it! Unsure Yes, sometimes somewhere at or near my point of no return stage. Straight I do hold my breath sometimes because it is more pleasurable and helps create a more intense orgasm. How long you hold your breath doesn't matter, whether it's a split second or 5 seconds.

During breath to Normal masturbation hold

Flexing your chest muscles at the same time as holding your breath works too. Especially if you masturbate on your knees or lying on your back. Straight Yes, almost always. I don't quite know why but this often can cause problems, as I also raise my back off of the bed, which requires more breath than supplied. Perhaps I do these things so that all the muscles I can control are tight? Straight Yes, yes I do, because it increases the high of masturbation when you have a rock hard cock, horny, and thinking of Unsure I never hold my breath, except for minute pauses when the session is especially good. Usually I'm giggling after a session, letting the neurochemicals do their thing Age: I used to hold my breath and tighten my body muscles for years until I found JackinWorld.

After reading one of Bruce's columns at the old JW site, I learned to focus on breathing deeply and slowly while relaxing my muscles as much as I could. Doing so greatly enhances the pleasure of both the orgasm and the ejaculation itself. Unsure Not at all, sometimes I'm mumbling dirty things under my breath Gender: I've never found myself holding my breath, but really, who's paying attention to that? Straight No, I never have, and I'm 49 now, but just might give it a try sometime since I've tried other wonderful things I've learned about here.

Thank you and keep up the great work, please! I'm guessing that's why people are into erotic asphyxiation.

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