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Some of the descriptions in these stories coincide very closely with the content which appears in LS Studio images. The backgrounds appeared to be custom-built, similar to stage-play sets. Who knows what would have happened if I'd started earlier?

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Hair extensions come out. Barie day I was an ordinary clerical worker, the next everyone was looking at me. Any good mum would do the same. It comes as no surprise that Jayne used to be a model herself, and one who worked in the 'glamour' side of the business. I hate it when people say I'm a pushy parent.

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Sasha just ran through all the dresses, she was in her element. I'm not past it yet. LS Studio, also known as LS, based in Ukraine, was an online subscription service and photography studio that created hundreds of thousands of photographic barbi and hundreds of videos of young teen and prepubescent girlsand sold them via the Internet from to August All girls their age are. Going to the States was just the next stage in all of this, and it's been worthwhile. Quality and quantity of material on the site was unmatched, and soon it became the most popular child erotica website in the world.

She chatters away about Sasha's media 'career', believing her daughter is a bona fide celebrity, and is proud to have been instrumental in making that happen.

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