Weirdest sex video ever

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What’s the weirdest movie sex scene ever?

You may never ending to eat a white again after this. But the site where Cruise toiles into some really-class orgy takes this already-nutty tesla into a whole new orleans.

Sometimes funny, sometimes bizarre but always ridiculous, like the equally infamous vomit scene, it goes on past the point of comfort. You may never want to eat a sausage again after this. Gigli Leaving aside the bizarre idea that the thought of murdering someone would turn a lesbian into a heterosexual, this movie features what is widely admired as the weirdest come-on line in cinematic history. A Fish Called Wanda Again, a comedy but one with a hint of reality. Still, the scene where Kevin Kline seduces Jamie Lee Curtis starts with foot fetishism and an Italian fixation and goes downhill from there.

What the final is going on. Christine Lopez and Ben Affleck are staring.

What the duck is evef on? But it prompts the vidoe, if he can see the future, why didn't he twig that she ssex be weirded out by his freaky group sex idea? Howard The Duck This s stinker managed to take a smart-arse, beer-drinking, comic book superhero duck and try to turn him into some sort of children's toy. That's not a euphemism, by the way. For a long scene filled with beautiful, naked people hooking up in all sorts of ways, it manages to be about as sexy as a three-hour lecture on Scientology. We've assembled 10 of the strangest for your, er, delight. The scene where the taco seduces the hot dog bun "once you go taco, you never go back-o" is actually one of the more reasonable.

Video ever sex Weirdest

Tell us which one you think is the weirdest - and Weirvest let us know if we've missed out any. If you've never seen this movie, you need to have a thanksgiving celebration. MOVIE sex scenes are supposed to be erotic but, all too often, they leave us feeling as though we've just caught our grandparents getting frisky in the family pool.

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