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Spontaneous expulsions were present in Vaginal incertions. IPPIUCD is a strong weapon in the family planning armoury and should be encouraged in both Vaginal incertions and caesarean deliveries. Early follow-up should be encouraged to detect expulsions and tackle common problems. Introduction Most women do not desire a pregnancy immediately after a delivery but are unclear about contraceptive usage in postpartum period. This results in unplanned and undesired pregnancies, which in turn increases induced abortion rates and consequently maternal morbidity and mortality. Continuation of these pregnancies is also associated with greater maternal complications and adverse perinatal outcomes.

Hence, providing contraception in this sensitive period is important. In India, as in many other countries, postpartum family planning is usually initiated after 6 weeks postpartum. Early resumption of sexual activity coupled with early and unpredictable ovulation leads to many unwanted pregnancies in the first year postpartum. Moreover, in developing countries particularly, women who once go back home after delivery do not return for even a routine postpartum check-up, leave aside contraception. This is may be due to lack of education and awareness, social pressure, and nonaccess to facilities nearby. Thus, immediate postpartum family planning services need to be emphasized wherein the woman leaves the hospital with an effective contraception in place.

Incertios duns via quality routes vaginal or emergency may have different kinds at moderate-up. Find in types of IUCD could actually explain the authentic rates of genuine women.

Increase in hospital deliveries provides an excellent opportunity to sensitize women and provide effective contraception along with delivery services. An intrauterine contraceptive device IUCD has several advantages for use in postpartum period as it is an effective, long term reversible contraception, is coitus Vavinal, and does not interfere with breast feeding. However, studies have reported high expulsion rates Most of the studies published were carried out more than a decade ago. PPIUCD insertions via different routes vaginal or caesarean may have different outcomes at follow-up.

There is minimal research comparing results between vaginal and Vaginao insertions. Moreover, new understanding of this postpartum contraception necessitates examination of advantages and disadvantages of PPIUCD from a Vaginal incertions perspective. Incertons was done during antenatal visits or during early labour and a written informed consent was taken prior to insertions. During Vaginao Vaginal incertions ring forceps were used to place the IUCD in fundus of uterus through the lower segment incision which was closed subsequently as routine. The IUCD strings were not trimmed in both types of insertions and left in uterine cavity.

Active management of third stage of labour was performed as routine. Postinsertion counselling was done and women were advised to follow-up for examination at our centre after 6 weeks. At the follow-up visit, the women were asked for any symptoms of unusual vaginal discharge, irregular bleeding per vaginum, and any expulsions noticed. They will then clean and replace it so long as all is well. Benefits and side effects of using a pessary Most women find they are able to successfully use a pessary for two years or more without requiring surgery for their condition. There are sometimes mild side effects from pessary use, such as vaginal irritation, foul-smelling dischargeand urinary tract infections.

However, because the pessary is removable, any side effects experienced can usually be corrected quickly. Caring for the device If you are comfortable removing and reinserting your own pessary, you may remove the pessary once or twice a week. Once removed, clean it with mild soap and warm water and then rinse before replacing it. You doctor may prescribe a vaginal estrogen cream to apply inside your vagina while the pessary is out to prevent irritation. Pessaries can fall out if you strain. If you can, try not to bear down during bowel movements. If the pessary does fall out, you can reinsert it after you clean it.

Many women find insertion easier when they are standing up with one foot resting on a stool.

Frequency of visits can range from monthly to every three months, depending on your needs. When to see a doctor A pessary can Vginal cause some complications: If your uncomfortable vaginal symptoms are caused by this loss of estrogen, they will not go away on their own. You and your health care provider should talk about whether treatment is right for you. How are menopause-related vaginal symptoms treated? There are a variety of treatment options for menopausal changes in and around the vagina. Read about all the treatment options. If your uncomfortable vaginal symptoms are caused by menopause, they may not go away on their own.

What about personal lubricants or other over-the-counter treatments?

Incertions Vaginal

And, their effects are only temporary. What is estrogen, and what are the different forms of estrogen? Estrogen is a hormone responsible for changes in the vagina and uterus.

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