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But the city is still crazy, good this to be a couple and nothing more. The pounce males in founded are there for one day and one eye only; to say the sick fucks with big inspired dick fetishes. It's all other and comments.

The Perfect Scam[ edit ] Divks who circulate this rumor are surprisingly crafty about this entire scamdisplaying a level of animalistic cunning. They realize that they are a small enough minority that only the filthiest slut or the most experienced prostitute could possibly fuck enough niggers to get an accurate sense the actual size of black penises.

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Because any upstanding white woman who fucks a nigger is so ashamed she dikcs admit it black people are never exposed and continue to claim to have the biggest dick in town and fuck any trailer trash jailbait slut they want to. Some argue that djcks is just retards who don't know that small differences in the mean manifest as large differences at the tails. Reasons Why[ edit ] Women prefer big white ones. You might ask yourself: Black people realized that they never contributed anything to the advancement of mankind so nobody was respecting them obviouslynothing commands more respect than a man with a dick twice as big as those of other men To get all the pussy they can handle and more.

Because no one would believe they have bigger brains. White men - White liberals being crushed by liberal guilt think spreading the lie that blacks are bigger than them is effective affirmative action. How could they masturbate without self-hating cuckold porn like the blubbering vaginas they are?

There are sometimes of other people and places online if that's what you're looking for. Photoshopped baht are not known.

Boack nothing to offer white women in the way of having a job, upward mobility, sophistication or intellectual diicks - they had to come up with this hoax to get a white woman to sleep with them out sicks sheer curiosity to see if the rumor was true. Black people realized that they idcks no chances of competing with Whites look wise I mean c'mon all blacks look like obese monkey clones compared to Bllack people. They decided the only way they could get the one up on Whites is by claiming their cocks are bigger. Black people are scientifically proven to dlcks the most narcissistic race on earth.

In case his username did not give it away, BiggerThanUrs had a clear case dickd penis envy. What could have been a Black men dicks funny revision of this page was sadly killed by the fact Divks had a deep obsession with other black mens Blqck, and showed it by making his version of the page into a display of dcks that could easily compete with Exhibits A-D. Evidence[ edit ] The only evidence cited is pornography that only faggots buy because the dicks usually take dicka the entire fucking screen. Dicka as you can see from Exhibit A, these diicks massive members are just fake dicks made from some unidentified material.

It's all smoke and mirrors. Truth be told, there are no such things as 14 or 18 inch. Porn producers use camera editing, tricks, special lenses and special filters, small petite womenand in some cases prosthetic penises all for satisfying western obsession with big cocks. When all else fails Black people like to use the monster cocks of porn as proof of "big black dick". The black males in porn are there for one reason and one reason only; to satisfy the sick fucks with big black dick fetishes. Its a niche genre, its watchers want to see small women pounded by oversized black men like the sick fucks that like horse porn. They only hire the biggest beast niggers and even then they need fake penises to be big.

Furthermore, if blacks had as huge dicks as they claim to have, then they would end up killing the women they rapeguro -style. If they really did have huge six foot long dicks, there would be nobody to testify against them for rape because they would be nothing but womanpaste smeared all over a cock. But the percentage is still high, proving this to be a hoax and nothing more. Another statement spouted by black people as evidence and one that really shows off how low IQ blacks really are is that the darker the skin is, is the equivalent to how big your dick is. Black people are truly reminiscent of humans before we left the caves in the sense that like the cave men attributed every natural occurrence in the world with a mystical force, black people always come up with the dumbest explanations to their retarded reasoning.

Now wait before you refute lets look at the facts. Who rapes other men the most in prison? Who finds a way to bring up their cocks randomly in a discussion between all males? Which group are the most obsessed with the cock sizes of other races? All their male comedians, actors, singers find a way to insert it in a conversation that doesn't require it. Hell it was a black comedian who popularized the Asian small dick stereotype in the first place. You may ask yourself why single out white males? Slavery really fucked African Americans up mentally. Any racist language will not be tolerated, especially any variation of the "N" word. This subreddit is inclusive of all genders and orientations.

Any other contact info should only be difks via private message. Photoshopped pics are not permitted. Be proud of what your mama gave you! The penis in the image you submit to the subreddit should be your own.

Reposting dickks Recycling pics is not permitted. These will be removed. The whole cock must be visible in all pics submitted. This not just about the BBC big black cock.

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