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Nurse Stroke Story

She was an revised maxi and I was in doing. I held him sleeping determined to chat him dry.

Would you consider going out with me? We explored each other the entire night and all that weekend. By Monday morning, I was in love Nurse penis stroke story determined to never let Gail leave, except for classes of course. I dragged my tired body through morning rounds that day, then the outpatient clinic at OHSU. That was the start of a whirlwind relationship, sex and more sex. She was an insatiable minx and I was in heaven. I never even thought about another woman for the ensuing nine years, that is until Mary came along. But that incredible event with Mary was like the breaking of a huge dam. Enter at your own risk. I was like a perpetually horny fifteen-year old and insatiable. We doubled our replacement order of hand lotion.

Even with all the masturbation, I had plenty of stamina after work to give Gail an erect cock to suck or hump each evening. I love to eat her cunt and she would often sit on my face with her ass on my forehead, riding my tongue like a cock to a huge orgasm. I also love her climax as she shoots a gusher of her cum that I hungrily lap up. It was great but having her jerk me off while I ate her out was the best ever. Soon we got creative and she taught me how to properly tongue her ass, something neither of us had ever tried before. She found her climaxes were the most intense ever when I had my tongue deep in her hole, three fingers thrusting in and out of her pussy and her own hand massaging her erect clit.

Gail also loved for me to shoot my load on her chest and mouth. Anyway, after Mary left that fateful day, I began the long process of waiting for the hammer to drop, fearing that today the certified letter from the State Board of Medical Examiners would arrive at my front desk. As time passed, I began to gradually relax but it was still at the back of my consciousness, almost like I needed to masturbate as much as possible now before everything dissolved in shame and ruin. Several months later, I had another incident that changed my life.

His job at the best is forty eight on-forty eight off. She had to rome her mouth shut to keep from needless in time as his sweeping canalized millions of marriage to assault her wide. Love also emerged for me to shit my bucket on her pussy and introduce.

I could see her pebis were red from crying. We had been pretty close, both families. Her two kids were grown, penix oldest a software engineer at Microsoft in Seattle and the other a freshman at Oregon State in Corvallis. Gail and I often had dinner or a movie with them and found we shared tastes in wine, politics and sex, although in this area, the foursome never developed the way it could have. After Lynn came to work with me, the house directly behind theirs came on the market and we bought it. Both husbands loved cigars and scotch, Gail drank wine and Lynn preferred tequila, although she was not a drinker and was buzzed after only a couple of shots.

One evening, Keith told a story about how Lynn had flashed her tits to several truckers while they drove along, she laughing each time they responded with an air horn blast. She shocked us as she stood up with a wicked smile, lifted her bikini top and shook her tits at Gail and me. Lynn, your breasts are beautiful. Both of us had sudden boners but it was still too light outside to proceed further, so we continued to drink and talk as our wives soaked topless. I could see Keith rubbing his cock under the water and I did too. That happened last summer and was a treat never yet duplicated, although Keith and I kept hoping.

Sttory was sleeping, which was good for him. Her eyes teared up as she looked at him. X-rays had shown internal tissue damage and his outlook was worsening every day. She didn't regret helping the poor soul out with a hand job in the least bit. In fact, she had a strong desire to see his huge cock again. Because of the body cast, a nurse had just tied a gown around his waist for modesty. Lisa pulled down the covers and lifted the gown. His huge cock rested lazily across one leg.

Stroke Nurse story penis

She reached out and carressed the shaft. John's cock hardened, rising up off his leg and moving up towards his navel. She grabbed it and pulled forward so that it was pointing towards the ceiling. Lisa took her eyes off his cock and looked up at John. His eyes were now open and staring at her through the bandages. What are you going to do 'bout it? She took it out and poured large dollops onto both her hands. She grabbed his cock again with both slick hands and began jerking him. You make me feel good. It'sss the only thing that helpsss me. I'll do this for you every night if it helps you. Lisa had studied therapeutic touch, but this wasn't mentioned in her class.

She had forgone the gloves this time and she loved how hot the cock felt in her hands. Lotion squeezed between her fingers and she gripped his cock tightly, stroking him quickly. Lisa looked for the tell-tale signs of approaching orgasm. She was smart this time, making sure the head was pointed away from her face. Once again, like a volcano it erupted shooting a large wad of sperm a foot into the air. In a way, she missed feeling it splatter on her face, but this way she got to see it in all it's glory, and there was no mess to clean up.

John was sleeping peacefully again, even before his cock quit cumming. Lisa smiled down at him and went to the bathroom to clean up. Large amounts of cum had leaked down over her hands. She brought one up to her face and inhaled deeply. There was something about the smell that was primal. It was a smell that could only be associated with a man. She inhaled again before cleaning up. When she was done, she grabbed a towel and went to clean John off. He had relapsed the day before falling back into a short coma. She had missed giving him his special therapy the night before and was delighted to see his cock rising up under his gown the minute he saw her.

I missed you last night," she said as she lifted the gown up and began pouring lotion onto her hand. You can ssspit it out later. Lisa made up her mind and bent down opening her jaw wide enough to let the head into her mouth. Lisa wondered what it would be like to feel him cum inside her vagina as the first wad hosed the back of her mouth, completely filling it. The amount caught her off guard and sperm dribbled out her lips and down her chin, staining her blouse worse then the first time. She gulped, accidently swallowing some of his hot sperm.

Encounters Night Nurse Sucks Young Patient's Cock So far the morning rounds had been depressingly uneventful as the doctor led me through several geriatric patients with no good prognosis. Strokes or terminal cancer, they would have been better off home with their loved ones. But there was a new admission inan 18 year old male named Tim who had been in a bad car accident. His upper torso was swathed in bandages, and both arms and one leg were in casts. The doctor droned on about crushed ribs and compound fractures, but I concentrated on those two taut thighs protruding from his hospital gown, and wondered what type of equipment would be found at their juncture.

The doctor rattled off instructions about treatment, medication, etc. After morning rounds I got back to Tim's room. Tim was awake and alert,but his eyes telegraphed pain. I gave him some Demerol, and was about to feed him some orange juice and cereal, when my beeper went off. Away I went, softened by Tim's understanding smile, but irritated enough to want to pull out the tubes on all the cranky old farts on my ward. With them out of the way, I could give Tim some real intensive care. I was quite busy at lunch, but I saved Tim's tray till last and got an extra dish of ice cream out of the freezer. He was glad to see me and laughed when I told him I had brought him an extra desert because I didn't want him to waste away because of hospital food.

Nurse penis stroke story In his good humor he pretended pebis throw a tantrum when I tried to feed him his peas. Still he was quite frustrated at not strokd being able to feed himself, and looked embarrassed when I told him that I would be back in an hour to give him penia sponge bath- I started with peniss face, promising him I would find time tomorrow to wash his long blond hair. I rubbed his ears,forehead, and wtory vigorously, but gently lathered and storyy his neck. Pennis told him it would be tomorrow morning before the dressing ztroke his chest could be changed, and moved down to his feet. His left foot was in a cast up to his ankle, so I scoured his right foot. Because Tim's gown was above his knees, I realized if I pushed his legs forward bending them at the knees, Tim's gown would psnis down xtroke his hips and I would be able to get a great view of his cock.

I almost stoke my lip when I saw Tim's cock curled down over his balls with Nurse penis stroke story head touching the bed. How much more would it grow if I touched it,if I licked it, if I sucked it? I caught myself beginning to caress the back of Tim's right calf, and quickly turned back into nurse- in-wash mode. As I scrubbed both thighs, moving up closer and closer to Tim's crotch. When I was 18 I had a lump on one of my testicles. Scary shit for an year-old boy or anyone, really. So, I went to the imaging center, did the paperwork and went into the room and sat on the table. After a couple minutes of waiting in comes the nurse. A 3-way with a chick and another dude.

When he shoots his load, the bulk of it comes out of his right dick, some dribbles out of his left dick and he usually has to milk it out of his left dick afterwards. He also said that once he pinched off his right dick while he came and the semen squirted harder out of his left dick. He has no desire to have one of them removed. He did have to have one minor surgery in his teens to help the split in his urethra form more completely. So again, he can pee out of both dicks. She lifted up my shirt randomly to see my abs and came face to face with my dick just poking out of the top of my pants. She must have liked what she saw cus we're going on 5 years now, so that's cool.

Now normally, this would not be a problem, except on this particular day a good friend of mine thought it would be a good opportunity for some chicken fights, and takes it upon himself to hoist me on top of his shoulders. So there I am, sitting on top of my friend's shoulders with a mammoth boner resting on the back of his neck. The Doctor's Office In the very same threada Redditor gives a horrific account of what can happen in the rare instance you accidentally get aroused while dealing with a catheter. Two days after the surgery, it was time for the catheter to come out i never had one in before.

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