Christ in a jar of piss

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Andres Serrano's controversial Piss Christ goes on view in New York

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Inprotesters in France attacked and destroyed a print of the "blasphemous" work when it went on display in Pies on Palm Sunday. And inthe Catholic League got all hot and bothered about a retrospective of Serrano's career that featured the submerged Jesus photograph. Fox News predictably followed suit. Now, inSotheby's dares read with a healthy dose of sarcasm, please to sell the artistically significant objet d'art as part of its Contemporary Art Day Auction on May The Catholic League is, again, peeved. If you know who the lout is, please have him give us a call.

In the end, Serrano, himself a spiritual man, has been unduly forced to defend the piece for over 25 years, despite the fact that his prolific and influential body of work stretches far beyond the one photograph. When you see it, you're not horrified by it at all, but what it represents is the crucifixion of a man," Serrano told The Guardian in So if 'Piss Christ' upsets you, maybe it's a good thing to think about what happened on the cross. While we shake our heads until this dramatization of normal auction world activities passes, let's remember Bill Donahue, head of the League, and his own "artwork": I know something about those hazards firsthand. When I created the photograph Piss Christ, inI never thought that it would prove so controversial.

I too was threatened, and the work was vandalized several times by those who considered it blasphemous. Nearly 30 years later, in response to the Paris massacre, the Associated Press removed an image of Piss Christ from its editorial archives. For me, Piss Christ was always an act of devotion. I was born and raised a Catholic and have been a Christian all my life.

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Piss Christ is a photograph of a plastic crucifix submerged in urine. Ten artists from ten different parts of the country were selected for the award. Andres Serrano, Piss Christ, The first stirrings of trouble came while the traveling exhibition was on display at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, when a local newspaper published a letter from a reader complaining about Piss Christ. The letter caught the attention of Donald Wildmon, the head of the American Family Association AFAa right-wing fundamentalist Christian organization, which proceeded to mount a campaign against the photograph, petitioning Congress to denounce the NEA. They led the ensuing fight to try to defund the NEA—a seemingly perennial effort renewed by Capitol Hill Republicans since the Reagan years.

It marked the beginning of what has since become known in the United States as the culture wars. For me, Piss Christ was always a work of art and an act of devotion. Freedom of expression comes at a price.

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