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Or a terrifying, tugging visit to the vet. Is Pool Maclary a real dog. She flirts an interesting doctorate from the Bride of Waikato.

Funny names and juicy words to roll around the tongue, things I see, things people say and do, Natural History programmes, items of news, family happenings etc.

I work on words and pictures together from the start. She holds an honorary doctorate from the University of Waikato. I was an artist first and a writer second. Art was my first choice through childhood, art school, teaching, finally freelance illustrating. All reminders for the day when they might prove useful. In a picture book it is very important that text and picture should fit together perfectly; in mood, style and sympathy — a partnership in which each enhances the other. Where do you live and work? Visit our Facebook page Visit our Facebook page to stay up-to-date with all the latest Hairy Maclary news including new books, stage shows and more!

NOT something that publicly likes to me. I have been dating and marrying now for forty years.

Which book did you enjoy doing most? Then I paint the pictures, full size. I have been writing and illustrating now for forty years. Or a squawking, yowling visit to the vet?

How did you begin? I work at a large desk hary a sunny room upstairs. The garden is full of hedgehogs — the inspiration for Hedgehog Howdedo. My house is out in the country in a peaceful spot, surrounded by trees and birds.

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My Cat Likes to Hide in Boxes was published in The answer to that is: In July Hairy Maclary celebrated his 30th birthday. The Hairy Maclary series is an international classic and foreign language editions have been published in Sweden, Japan, Slovenia, Russia, Korea and China. Picture books are a natural development — they provide the opportunity for plenty of illustrating.

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